Monday, September 10, 2012

Creativity is constructive

I know, I know, many of you think of "creatives" as lazy slugs that lie around and wait for inspiration to strike while sippin a double mocha non-fat extra latte.  Hey, that sounds cool - but you, of the productive business world I suspect, would much rather operate in a hyper-focused, cost efficient & rule-driven (left-brain) world with best-in-class systems & processes.  OK, but truth be told, creativity IS very productive because it values and celebrates imagination - which can only truly be measured by output.  Now that's efficient right - output and results.  Creativity IS productive and open to many alternatives.  Perhaps that is what frightens the so-called "non-creative" - the fact that creativity does demand an openess to alternatives without a highly efficient, chartered course.  Oh, and one other thing that makes creativity so damn constructive; it accepts ambiguity and embraces change.  A willingness to accept ambiguity or "white space" is the hallmark of a creative & courageous thinker.  In that regard, we are ALL creative people, creative thinkers, because we as humans fight through ambiquity at many times in our lives, generating outcomes in a constructive & creative fashion.  See, you are a creative (& constructive) latte-luvva afterall!

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