Friday, April 27, 2012


Here is a simple sales Acronym (framework) to assist you with driving sales revenue & think about a strategic approach to managing your sales planning (and social marketing models). 
F.R.Y.  = Frequency, Reach & Yield.  Microsoft rolled this out years ago in an effort to help distributors drive sales.  FREQUENCY =existing customers buy more often.  REACH=acquire new customers.  YIELD=getting existing customers to spend more, a higher average sale.  Sooo, what are your sales goals?  Where are you driving additional revenvues in the FRY model?  Where is your marketing playing-out?  Is your social media and storytelling focused on FREQUENCY or new REACH or perhaps higher YIELD ?  There are benefits to playing in all three areas, but focusing on one area is more strategic, simpler to execute AND easier to demonstrate & measure ROI!  

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