Monday, June 2, 2014

Simple Designs Complex Times

The principle used to be called "KISS" and referred to "Keep It Simple Stupid."  Now you really shouldn't reference 'stupid' - so today the new KISS Principle is:  "Keep It Super Simple."   I like super simple.  Trouble is, if you work with a complex, very large company, with many, many layers of services and people, simple is, well, not always well received.  Maintaining simple is deceptively difficult.  Yes we humans do have a wonderful natural tendency to drift toward complexity.  Not our fifth grader. He even has a simple name.  Joe.  Hmm. He's not well received in this complex world all the time either.  I wonder in big organizations or mature establishments - if all those wonderful university degrees and layers of management generates layers of complexity?  Complexity.  It really is an engine of productivity and strategic thinking right?  How can one penetrate layers of rich complexity without countless hours of working and reworking even more complex proposals?  If were talking layers of people and ideas, well then, you have to craft something deep enough to penetrate the many, many layers of complexity.  Wow.  I think I just spelled-out my Tuesday morning.  But before I polish-off & submit the next proposal, I'll call Joe.  Joe helps me focus on THE most important layer - the first one - a simple design decision and operational imperative. And sure enough, once we penetrate the initial layer, who knows what can happen right?   KISS. Keep It Super Simple people.  AND yes, congratulations to the band KISS on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - along with my very personal favorite Peter Gabriel.   I suspect that band followed the KISS principle.  Peter Gabriel, not so much...

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