Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Consistent Process

Process Process Process.
Want to improve your golf game?  Process.  Carve out an ideation niche with a fortune 50 brand client group?  Process.  And please make it repeatable.

Golf is a wonderful game celebrating so many life-lessons in a four hour round.  Unfortunately for most of us, a repeatable process is at the very heart of the game.  Other life experiences that play out on the beautiful course?  How about serendipity? Check.  Hard hard & preparation?  Doublecheck.  All the fun that the great outdoors has to offer and the joys you can experience from a good walk spoiled?  It's in there.
But if you want to improve your game on the golf course, work the process.  The process I'm referring to runs about two seconds long.  It's the THOUGHT PROCESS that occurs each and every time you take a whack at that ball.  It takes about a two second duration to initiate a back swing and then explode downward to strike the golf ball and this process will repeat roughly 30 times in an 18 hole round, hitting off the tee and fairway and another 30 times on the putting surface.  You can practice putting later,  here we are focused on your two second swing thought process.  For me, golf has always been an easy game.  Smacking the crap out of the ball has always been pretty simple; a God-given talent right?  Great.  What has NOT come so easy is repeating that process again and again and again.  Why?  Because my mental process gets in the way (again and again and again).  Back to this process point and the great game of golf and life.  What makes this wonderful golf game so difficult and (life) so challenging at times, is the mental aspect that plays-out in a round of golf.  What happens?  Your MIND plays games with the physical process of swing execution.  In the time it takes to swing a golf club,  I'm capable of about 10 divergent thoughts!  Not good when you're trying to replicate a great confident swing and process over and over again.  For me, and I suspect any golfer, a great round of golf beings and ends with a consistent swing THOUGHT process.  You can work & practice this on the range.  Find something that works for you.  Perhaps address pacing with "one thousand one" in your backswing and "two!" in downswing.  Or try thinking "attacking the ball" in the backswing and "finish at the target" in the downswing/follow through. Try something and repeat it the next time you are out and if it doesn't work, well, you can always go back to a bunch of random thoughts - and then finish your two second swing with "FORE!!"

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