Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Landscape

I enjoy the atmosphere and fresh scent of being alive created by the constant change of colors and seasons in the Midwest. However, this time of year, when the landscape wears its winter white, a splash of vibrant color can add a much needed shot of renewal.  Try citron or framboise, cherry red, or perhaps a dark chocolate.  In brand advertising, color is used to evoke emotion, express personality and stimulate association.  In your home, use color that you enjoy and lots of it.  For your brand or business, use colors that create emotion, trigger recall and provides some sort of comfortable sensations.  A school bus by any other color is not really a school bus.  We depend on the familiarity of Coke red and UPS brown and Tide orange.  For your brand or product offering, choose a color that does what you need and would like it to do.  The ultimate goal for your brand or product is to OWN a color that facilitates recognition and builds brand equity, like winter owns white.

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