Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrating Vogue

Have you ever paged through a Vogue Magazine?  If you work retail, fashion or trends of any kind, (or you simply want to impress teenage nieces & nephews with brand name & actor recognition) it is a worthy time investment.  One immediate observation is that the models, who I'm sure are well paid, don't seem to ever smile for the camera.  Is this a photo celebration?  Where is the laughter and joy?  Perhaps the seductive apparel is too tight or incredibly uncomfortable to wear?  Nope.  One critically important consideration is what these photographs, models and brand names are actually attempting to portray and share with readers:  Inspiration.  We common folk are not going to wear the bulk of these clothes depicted in the photograph, but we sure can draw some INSPIRATION from the composition presented.  The image sparks the neverending debate - is this media supposed to be a window for us to gaze through OR a mirror that reflects today's lifestyles and behaviors?  For the sake of this discussion, let's go with the window.  A chance to look into the distance and wonder "what if" and be inspired.  A dose of inspiration is a very powerful and productive marketing element.  A photograph that enables our imaginations to run wild.  Yes, that's it.  Who needs to smile when you're striving for mythology, hopes and dreams of a target customer base and audience?  Now that's worth celebrating, and a very powerful point-of-view to launch initiatives from.

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