Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cousin Eddie

It's that wonderful time of year again - when Cousin Eddie comes a calling in his RV and bathrobe.  My family and especially our growing children, enjoy this time of year to take time out and sit together and watch the Disney Family Channel Countown to Christmas and celebrate the holiday stories and shows.  It's simply a month we can all laugh together and reflect-on just how similar our extended family can be to the stories that playout in these holiday classics.  Especially the portrayal of the Dads,  Clark W. Griswald & George Bailey.  This time of year filled with goodness and light, is also an opportunity to laugh and share time together & as the kids grow into adulthood - an opportunity for us to reconnect on the power of our shared & supportive love at any age.  That LOVE and foundation is there and will always be celebrated this time of year.   The love and respect of family and the intimate knowledge we share that creates that special lifelong bond. We will carve out time for this tangible, shared holiday fun to always connect us despite the hardships, trials and emotional tribulations that confront each and every one of these young kids AND parents.  So raise if you will, those beautiful moose glasses and go celebrate the season with family and all your special friends & loved ones.  Even if it means a visit from Cousin Eddie..!

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