Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Start a movement

Movements - are what Marketing Directors live for.  It fuels are economy.  Movements.  We live in extraordinary transformative times.  People want to be connected and they are.  So now this is your opportunity to start a movement.  You certainly don't need everyone, just a few fine folks that care enough and have a yearning for something different and better.  Net, you need to find your true believers.  Go for it and create change by organizing people and turning your better idea and content into a movement.  Look at the status quo and take a stand.  Say "no thanks" - I see what that is and I know there is a better way.  Those are the people you need to begin your marketing movement.  Tell a story, connect some folks that launch a tribe and lead a movement.  This is where change comes from today and why it has never been easier (or more fun) to disrupt the conversation using the tools and social media networks available to every consumer.  So what are you waiting for? 

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