Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You know the moment you come face-to-face with authenticity.  Music, talent, humor, personality, intelligence, art - it doesn't matter the subject at hand, if it's authentic - you feel it.  I FELT authenticity the first moment I met John Caudill.  He's a dear friend and neighbor and father of my son's best friend, and 10 years ago he was simply an authentic stranger to me.  John, 51 year-old father of four, had a stroke yesterday.  A "bad one" I'm repeatedly told.  Are there good ones?  Fifty one?  Really?  I suspect we'll find out what 'bad one' translates into. All my thoughts and prayers with him and his lovely wife and children and huge loving Caudill family.  I'm a better man and friend to have met him and experiened his authenticity - enjoyed his laughter - shared his genuine love and acceptance of people - any people in any walk of life.  They all have come to love him as I do.  I look forward to spending many, many more days and nights with my friend John - and celebrating our collective authenticity!

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