Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A tagline is a slogan, clarifier, mantra, company statement of purpose or guiding principle. What is your TAGLINE? Do you have one? Do you want one? Need one? Taglines influence our buying behavior by evoking an emotional response. What are some fabulous taglines? JUST DO IT. THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE. THE MILK CHOCOLATE MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH, NOT IN YOUR HAND. WE BRING GOOD THINGS TO LIFE. GOT MILK? THE WEATHER AUTHORITY. Taglines should grow out of an intensive strategic and creative process - but needs to stir the imagination and be consistent with your brand vision. Taglines have shorter life spans than logos and are can change over time - susceptible to marketplace and lifestyle changes for sure. Your tagline should convey SOMETHING. Perhaps trustworthiness and WOW is a fun place to start. The business of marketing is managing perception. Taglines can be a powerful component of that perception. So, what's YOUR tagline? Start the thinking with strategic imagination, stir in some passion, community - and your tagline will come to life!

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