Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to the EXPERIENCE AGE

Ahh yes...have you had an [EXPERIENCE] today? Wonderful. With what? With whom? Participated did you? Very cool and do please tell me HOW you participated? Brands & services today are definded by the sum total of shared experiences people are having with them - not simply by what we (marketers) decide to share or tell them. This has totally changed, redefined the relationship, reshaped the interaction between consumers and brand products. I think it is safe to say that EXPERIENCES - social media, mobility, events, people-led initiatives - have become our new work and the new currency in the marketing landscape and if done well, can lead to lasting & powerful relationships. So what? So ya best shift your mindset from creating media messaging to creating dynamic, holistic, people experiences. How? Your product or service has a brand purpose correct? Start designing holistic, really cool customer-focused meaningful brand experiences. Launch the conversation and brainstorming there with your team - and your customers AND clients will totally dig the experience.

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