Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purpose DNA

Purpose is at the heart of marketing. Meaning. The best brands and businesses stand for something: A big idea, a strategic position, a defined set of values, or a voice that stands apart. This Meaning or purpose can inspire the creative process as it is conveyed through a symbol, a word or an action. It is the DNA of brand identity. The DNA of companies, employees and brand activity. The designer's challenge, the marketers challenge is to absorb & understand an enormous amount of information and then distill it into its purest and simplest form - a meaningful idea. My son has "hoops DNA." He is one of the quickest, most intuitive young basketball players I've ever watched. He lacks confidence at times - because of the way he is wired, and at times turns off his DNA. If he could step back and watch his DNA explode - as I have had the privilege of doing over the past year - he would enjoy the show & unleash the DNA. Be true to your DNA, nurture it, and allow it to become amplified over time.
Many times, I've watched him in an open gym - with the ball - make several moves once someone engages him and blow past two defenders...and the players and onlookers gasp and comment on the burst of speed and quickness they just experienced. What I would like to see now is the passage of time shrink between those gasps. Why must we wait for the ball and the isolation - why wait? Be true to your DNA at all times -and all moments - and watch this DNA weave its way into every aspect of your game (& business). Brands and marketers don't wait - and neither should any young player. Embrace your DNA with intent, work ethic and enthusiasm. Don't be afraid to make mistakes - the DNA will simply continue to evlove if you allow it & embrace it. Brendan - embrace your DNA (purpose) and allow your brand & game to evolve & shine.

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