Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Piece of Incompleteness

Whatever expression you choose to use - "incompleteness" or "openness to grace" or perhaps "the unknown" - this unpretentious, and often uncomfortable place, makes life worth living. Some would argue it's what defines Art. This little piece of incompleteness, during the production process, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Marketers pride themselves on relentless planning, scheming and data crunching - a masterfully laid out blueprint - only to spread the seeds as widely as possible & reap a predetermined harvest. But along the way, the beauty of marketing is the "unknown" or better yet, leaving "a little piece of incompleteness". This is what makes spectacular movies, stories and Art -it's what comes from deep within us - and what makes life worth living. Why? Because without this uncomfortable, uncalculated tension, without the constant presence of the unknown - the program, in fact even life, remains dormant without it. This "incompleteness" allows the artist to create, to interpret, to "make gut decisions" and on and on and on. The intangible becomes tangible and relevant - and a vibrant breakthrough program is born. Magic happens. Allowing this "incompleteness" during the production of a piece of media or the execution of a marketing plan - allows for interpretation, participation & talents to surpise and delight your audience. Then, and only then - once your audience has weighed-in, is your program complete. Perhaps that's the key; leaving a "little piece of incompleteness" until your program can be enjoyed by the audience. Permit your audience to complete your program - allow them to receive it, absorb it, experience it & then and perhaps only then - is your Art, your media program, your life - complete.
Until that time, plan for a little piece of incompleteness in all your efforts.

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