Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Best Ideas Come From The Most Unlikely Places

Well of course they do. Where do you think 'best ideas' come from? The good idea factory? If that were the case, wouldn't every firm have a staffer drive down to this place every morning, pay for parking and wait outside the idea factory for the next great one to come leaping out of there? Ideas come from the most unlikely places - because only those of you INTERESTED enough in solving problems are paying enough attention to pick up on the next best idea. Creativity (at times) is a solid combination of hard work and openness to grace - so if you're exercising your 'openness to grace' part - then you'll be able to come up with these new ideas in the most unlikely places. Net, pay attention to the world around you. That's what great business people do - what talented, creative people do. Be a sponge of the world and transform the white space of life into a beautiful, poetic harvest of "best ideas".

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