Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Storytelling Content

Storytelling has made quite a run over the last decade.
Corporations have fallen in love with the concept...utilizing it in upstream development, research, downstream marketing, corporate communications etc..
Today, it's all about content & web development, online media, podcasting, blogs & going 'viral'.
It is a great time to be a storyteller or better, story-sharer.

It still all begins & ends with rich content. Storytelling. What is your story? Is it relevant to your targeted audience? What do you want them to do that they are not doing now? All good starting points.
On my website, I lay out 10 tips to writing & storytelling. I address the 'three sides' to every story: Audience, Data & the Story.
Get to know your audience...your "WHO". This point has certainly gathered steam as well in the last few years. Do you know what behaviors and lifestyles your targeted audience enjoys? The web now allows you to have an on-going dialogue with these folks. Get to know them & target their specific behavior or lifestyle. No need to shoot for the masses. Go have a conversation with her.
Data are the points you'd like to make. This is the "reason-to-believe" in your story. Will your audience believe this data? They better - if they don't - good bye. And don't overwhelm them with this information. Keep the data simple and if possible, even poetic. The points of difference in your product or service or the findings in your research. Don't overwhelm anyone with data - but find the nugget she will spark to and lay it on her.
Finally, the story. What is the "story". How do you weave data into a story that she will love?
This is your chance to have a bit of fun with her and the data. Do you know this audience? Do you know her? Good. You have the data points - now start telling a story. This is the mythical imperative to your writing - to your content - the storytelling. And don't forget to articulate your message in a manner with which your end-user will identify (college professor) or
"Sup" - "I'm good" (urban teen). "I mean like, whatever." (teenage girl - looking to sky..)

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