Monday, July 14, 2008

my first blog

So this is what the 21st Century looks like. Interesting.
I was so thrilled with today's work I forgot to gaze into the world of tomorrow. And now tommorow has become yesterday. Good thing is there's still time left...
I just completed reading the section on 'blogging' in Robert Scoble's New Rules of Markting & PR - and now my first blog. Imagine the possibilities.
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One simple axiom I've been using for about 15 years in writing concepts & video scripts I borrowed from renowned fabulous author Ayn Rand (the fountainhead/atlas shrugged).
She believed in Romanticism as the Conceptual School of Art. Romanticism is moving forward with what is in your heart - to simply NOT just record or photograph - but to create & project. In the words of Aristotle, romanticism is concerned - not with things as they are - but with things as they might be or ought to be. Net, project something when you write or edit video stories - try to say or communicate something. If you start with that thinking - and then push that along - your story forms quite naturally. Only trouble is when this ability is taken from you by the client - and they insist that you merely execute or document - you go braindead. And that can lead to one dry fountainhead. No matter how small the program - try to create something - project and communicate some point.
"A spirit too needs fuel. It can run dry." - Ayn Rand

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