Friday, July 18, 2008

Reality TV

You want 'Reality TV'?
Come sit with me at my office on Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati, OH and watch the lot of the Family Dollar for an hour. Ouch. Yeah, America is hurting. Although according to a biography of Thomas Jefferson I'm reading - no worse than his observations regarding France and their economy in 1785. He felt pity for all citizens of France & the country & people in general....and knew America was going to offer more....far more for all citizens. Well, we did and now time has passed - and yes - we're running the same class system brother.
Reality TV? What the networks are calling it in the 21st Century? Hardly. Is reality TV the "Cleavers" of the sixties or the "Bundies" of the nineties, or a gameshow on a remote Island in 2007?

Is TV supposed to be a mirror or a window? That's really the question you have to answer.
I think - 99% of the time, tv programming - like all good 'stories' - is designed to offer a window for the user to climb thru and escape their reality. Then along came Al Bundy & Married with Children. I truly believe Fox TV dared to be different with The Bundies - an axiom still very much alive today with the great Fox network group. The creators of Married With Children dared to hold-up a mirror and say - 'yup - that's pretty much it America'. And they nailed it. Copy cats have come and gone - but the creators of Al Bundy and family truly held up a mirror and asked America to dare to watch and enjoy the harsh reality.
For the previous 12 years I've been employed by AND a supplier for a very large corporation in Cincinnati.. went to work...parked and then after work returned the same route to my suburb home. This past week I opened a new office on the outskirts of downtown Cincinnati, just north of that corporation.
I now have seven huge, beautiful windows for me to look out at the Family Dollar parking lot across the street. Thank God it's a window and not a mirror I'm peering at over my laptop thru the day.
Good God. Yes - let's market to these folks - just don't let em know I'm watching them. Nor do I have any interest in having dialogue with them....I don't think they have dialogue.
This is not about race or color - it is the class system. This particular class contains all sorts of shapes and colors. It's lack of education. Lack of resources. But oh - what a great market this represents.., did WalMart beat me there?
Oh well. You want Reatlity TV? Give me Al Bundy. He's a road scholar and prince compared to the focus group I witness every day.

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