Monday, July 21, 2008

Data: The Truth & The Light

Data Analysis.
Creatives cringe at the very idea. But to Marketers, it is their life. Their competitive advantage. In fact, anyone involved in business MUST use & process business data to create a competitive advantage OR a compelling story. Data, when presented well, IS the story for most consumers. It is - what I like to call - the "truth & the light" of the story. Data, the facts, the numbers, the "reasons-to-believe" in your product or story - is what your audience will evaluate in deciding if your story is true or not. It is how she will evaluate your message. Will the message ring true with her? Depends if the numbers make sense to her.

Importantly, data is what marketers, brand managers, account executives use to create and move business. That's the beauty of where we are today - data is EVERYWHERE. And the internet permits processing of data instantly. No more waiting for quarterly reports. You want to learn who's visiting your website - find out today? Click thru rates? There are a number of ways to collect data as a customer interacts with websites and emails. There are web log files, web beacons, JavaScript tags, and all sorts of built-in data collection mechanisms. Customers are concerned about their privacy, and they should be, and we should all do out part in ensuring that we are extremely protective of their trust.

Next time you set-out on a marketing program or storytelling adventure - define the data you wish to measure and showcase. Remember, in the end - it will be the 'truth & the light'.
Net, your competitive advantage.

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