Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Revenant - What's Relevant.

Everyone is complaining and whining and working soo hard....the stock market is down...the roads are treacherous, we must spend less and produce more and yes, the market is correcting ..blah blah blah.

Tell ya what, go watch a story like The Revenant.  You will, (probably not) APPRECIATE the obscene life of luxury we enjoy and this wonderful time in which you are on this planet.

YOU have automobiles that warm and wait for you and electric garage doors and nutribullets and even better, you're not raising a family in 1973.  The Revenant, set in 1821, showcases what a hard life we humans have had evolving into what YOU are today.  (Why do we suddenly value life so much more today?)

So please stop your pithy whining.  Go to work and enjoy two and three revenue streams, cars that cost and cover more ground than most countries and this wealth driven, ridiculous lifestyle.  OR go to South Dakota and work a range and fight Native Americans for a weekend.  Leonardo DiCaprio spent a year there without whining  - so please - stop it.  No threat of grizzly bear combats in the suburbs either.  Perhaps deer, but not grizzly bears...

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