Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who taught Superman how to fly?

Remember Disney's animated film "The Incredibles?"  Such a wonderful story on so many levels.
I love watching that story.  Now fast forward to the fab work you and I perform each and every day. Yep. Don't you sometimes feel as if you're slightly under-employed from time to time?  Why is that?  Why do we allow ourselves to feel and behave in this manner?  Where is that unbridled enthusiasm we brought to work when we were 25 years old and carving out new space and quite honestly didn't know what the hell we were doing all the time but WOW were we doing it. Today it often feels like it is dangerous if you even admit (to clients or colleagues) that you're fearful and not quite sure how to get something done technically or worse, artistically (for shame).  Then it must be time for another vendor.  Ouch.  No way - I got this - done that - EXPERIENCE and PROCESS is my middle name sister.  Boring.  No, worse yet, predictable.  Middle-of-the-road.  You see what happens when several people or client (teams) sign-off on a program?  Middle-of-the-road happens.  If seven people weigh-in everything gets pushed to the middle.  Yuck.  (Ask roadkill how safe it is in the middle-of-the-road).  Here's an idea.  Next time you teach a  lesson or write a concept or stage a meeting, do it like you have no idea what you're doing.  Do it as if it's DAY ONE of teaching 101 or the first time you penciled together your first-ever concept proposal or client sales call.  Sponsor THAT feeling and the curious, fun-loving new hire will once again take flight.

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