Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product Positioning

For my money, this is the most important decision a marketer or business owner can make about their brand, product or service. In the good old days of radio, tv and one stop local retail shopping, this work was pretty straightforward. What segment, lifestyle and behavior is our product designed and priced for? Done. Right now, I think intelligence and grit and an investment in creative engagement & placement can really pay dividends here. Building on the product positioning concept and work here - think about positioning in a more exciting and challenging way. What if, in addition to positioning, we thought of this work as PRODUCT ENROLLMENT? How best can we gain customer product advocacy, loyalty and repeat purchase through the exciting concept of enrollment? Hmmm, cool. Now, instead of creating & trying to control and move product and promotional services across the media board and landscape, how bout we think (first) of audience enrollment. To me, this is an exciting place to go to work intellectually and the one principle (or practice) I believe has altered the competitive marketing landscape with social media storytelling and all the new consumer touchpoints. Retailers and media outlets are all weaving these tools together and collecting their never ending shopper research insights - so why not work with them on compelling strategies and initiatives and weave this into the tapestry of shopper touchpoints? This is very exciting work and what I love about the practice of product positioning today. Enrollment is the practice and art of generating a spark of possibility for others to share. How are you or your brand generating a spark for your target audience? Believe in your brand or service and move it there with passion and possibility and have no doubt customers will be eager to catch the spark and fire up the world! Welcome to Product Positioning, or better yet, Enrollment Marketing.

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