Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mid-life ?

What is a "midlife" crisis?
When does that officially begin - and end?
I'm sure you have your very own ideas and lens on what 'midlife' means to you?
How do you define the parameters of "midlife"? How long must one live to actually encounter "midlife"?
Well count your blessings if you've been fortunate enough to experience a 'midlife' for sure.
I for one, believe in embracing a constant stream of "midlife crisis"....and relish closing the deal on the next one!
Disruptive Innovation. Breakthrough. Positive tension. Bottom line is to risk something right? That is what makes this great journey worth living....
Crisis? Na. Just start something (risky) and execute it flawlessly - and for certain you'll bump into another one...

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