Monday, July 26, 2010

Genuine Leadership

What is 'genuine leadership'?
Just completed a book by Chris Lowney on Heroic Leadership, and he certainly had some pages of information that felt really really good to me. How about these four pillars:

- Self awareness
- Ingenuity
- Love
- Heroism

Love? What's this fella serving up? Has he ever managed hourly employees? Invoked fear with every meeting and conversation with vendors & or employees? Actually - i couldn't agree more with the concept and direction of this former Wall Street broker...
How bout these (4) values of leadership:

1. Understand strengths and weaknesses of SELF...values & world view.
2. Confidently Innovating and adapting to changing world. AMEN it every day.
3. Engage all others with postive and loving attitude. Loving? Absolutely.
4. Energize themselves & others (i said THEMSELVES) by heroic ambitions.

Heroic? Sure why not. You doing this? Great. Keep at it...

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