Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marketing Today

Marketing today IS a beautiful opportunity to connect with key customers. Email and the internet allow for daily, holistic plans to come together with your consumer when she is ready. Marketing to the social web is a journey, not a destination. It's a hike, not a campout. A work-in-progress, not a finished statue. You really have to monitor and tweak the marketing programs, measure the ROI and then tweak the investments.
Yesterday, marketing and advertising were "faith-based". No doubt about it. Brainstorm, storyboard, create message/program - pay for it, buy media, place the ad - and then PRAY. Pray that eyeballs you were promised to watch it - actually watch it. Then, PRAY these people do something that they weren't doing before, like buying your product or service.
Today, with the net, and email and a social web-connected world - we can reach out and connect with these people - everyday if you like. Email marketing, blogs, your website - all allow for holistic marketing programs to surround the consumer - reaching out & connecting with as many touchpoints of as possible. I love how Jim Koch thinks about marketing. Jim is the Cincinnati native and founder of Sam Adams Beers - Jim's motto:
"Refuse to seek conventional solutions. If you use tools available to everyone, you will get answers available to everybody. Answers have to come from the part of you governed by spirit and metaphor and imagery and mythology. And your own passions."
Cool huh. Metaphor & mythology - I'm in! No wonder I dig their beers, especially the Summer Ale. What is the part of you governed by spirit? I think he is referring to your gut. You probably know the product and brand as well as anyone - so then - listen to the brand - and share your story. Hire someone to help you make those holistic touchpoints work for your business and brand.
Marketing, at its very best, is a dialogue with consumers, filled with creativity and passion, that makes a lasting connection. With today's social world, the dialogue is possible, as is the lasting part. So forget about yesterday's faith-based marketing. Stop praying & start conversing with your customers. They want to be part of the content, part of the conversation and yes, part of marketing today.

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